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Perform any POS operations faster and without error with our neat and simple user interface. The ability to manage different franchises centrally is where we can make a difference for your business. Every user within your organization will only have access to the right level of data in order to get the job done.
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Understanding how well each one of your franchise locations is doing and providing the right feedback at the right time improves your business. Posterita records all of the details of all transactions and provides tools to analyze performance at any level of detail.

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Easily scale your franchise network

As a cloud POS built on an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, Posterita is ideal for a multi-store environment. It can replicate your retail environment–whether you operate your own stores or you have multiple franchises, or the locations use different pricing policies or tax rates and rules.

Assign sales to customer and sales reps

Discounts by percentage and on grand total

Advanced control mechanisms to only authorize allowed discount

Blind reconciliation end of day process

Archives of all cashbook

Add comment to receipt

Suspend and resume transactions (Save and load orders)

Automatic price list selection based on who is buying

Accept tax rate change at checkout

Send digital receipt to customers

coffee shop Testimonial

What I really like about Posterita is how quick I can modify and process my orders. I can even open a second POS on my iPad to keep the line moving faster during rush hours.

San Sin | Owner of Star Cafe