Improve inventory turnover and accountability

Open a new kiosk remotely

Expansion has never been easier. When you open a new kiosk, you can do it from headquarters or another remote location. Just ship your POS hardware to your new store. In the meantime, you can remotely implement the permissions and privileges for each new staff member and transfer the inventory. No need to create or import items in Posterita. All you have to do is to re-use the same items you already created.

Central and multiple kiosk management

Since Posterita is a web based POS, you can make changes centrally for any of your kiosks. You can also use the same implementation — in one or many states, with multiple tax rates and rules. Your kiosks share a common data set that can be centrally modified and accessed and while keeping each store’s data private.

Posterita Kiosk POS manage centrally

You’ll never run out of items

Operating a multiple location kiosk business is not simple. Inventory tracking challenges such as low inventory levels and limited SKUs numbers are different from retail stores. To ensure that you are never run out of inventory, Posterita has real-time inventory reports so you can replenish your inventory for any location, know what was delivered, and which delivery is still on the way.

You’ll always know what is happening in any of your kiosks

With Posterita, you have access to real-time and accurate reports about anything. So you can measure performance of any kiosk, item or employee. You’ll never need to phone anyone to inquire about what is happening in any of your kiosks. All you need is an internet connection, tablet, or PC. Posterita can even automate spot check by asking your staff to count some items. If there is any discrepancy, you’ll be notified.

Manage your employees

You’ll always know who is doing what. Who is working. Who sold what. How many items they sold. How many hours they clocked in. Whether the reported end of day matches with expected amount. Send a good job email when they exceeded their targets. Aggregate any data to evaluate your staff performance across your whole kiosk network.

Posterita Kiosk POS manage employee

Improve your customers’ experience

With the ability to track your customers, you can stay in control of your marketing by knowing what and when your customers are buying. Our customer management features track every sale that your customer makes, so you can track the sales data that is important to you. You can also track and send receipts via email.

Get automatic notifications on your phone

Each time there is an important retail event in any of your kiosks–like a large sale, a discount, or an exchange–Posterita can send you an email notification. For example, when a member of your staff runs the end of day process, you’ll get stats like sales amount, sales reconciliation, number of tickets, average sales per customer and more.

Easy training for employees

No problem. Posterita is designed to be easy to learn. Its interface is simple and intuitive.

Posterita Kiosk POS features

Product images
Customer tracking
Customer and employee management
Digitized receipts
Email or Text Notifications
Employee Time Clock
Integrated payment processing
Endless Location Ability
Remote setup
Real-time reports
iPad POS
Sales By Location

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