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Posterita, the retail and merchandise POS you can rely on!

With it’s a unique combination of simplicity, control and mobility, retailers love Posterita. A powerful and feature-rich POS, it’s designed around the way you work, so you can easily pull up any information you need. And its also 100% cloud. So everything is available in real-time and it works on any device with a web browser whether its a tablet, Mac, or PC.

A retail point of sale system that provides a competitive advantage

Handle a variety of merchandise

Posterita makes it possible to break a sku into multiple models like color, size and more. It also manages serial numbers. You can even modify orders just before selling like adding paying and non paying options to a coffee. And you can also sell items in different units of measures. With Posterita, you can sell whatever you want!

Pre-loaded a catalog of items

When you use Posterita, you also have access to millions of items from thousands of vendors. So you don’t need to create items or add pictures. You can start selling immediately without creating any items!
General Merchandise pos on ipad

Smarter Inventory Management

Inventory is the focus of your store. Posterita makes it easy to control your inventory. It can let you know what to markdown, what to order and even where and what to consolidate. A built-in audit trail system allows you to trace back every transaction to the store and person who did it. Posterita manages your inventory smartly and accurately for increased efficiency.

Multi-store management

Posterita was built for managing multiple different stores. Thanks to it’s cloud and ERP technologies, it handles multiple stores, with multiple registers, different pricing policies and different tax rules. All the data is kept in a single database in the cloud and is accessible anytime,anywhere. So you can manage your operations centrally and efficiently.


Posterita connects all your stores on a single database. So when you need to add a new store to your network, you can perform all the set-up remotely from your head office. While you do that, just ship the POS hardware to your store. Connect it to the internet and you are ready to go.

New store

Real-time reporting and notifications

What makes Posterita’s reporting system so much better to other POS is its ability to transform data into actionable insights. More than 30 context-sensitive reports are available in real-time so you can measure performance of anything -stores, employees, and more. Get notified in real-time to respond faster as events unfold in your network. Learn more about our reporting

A true iPad POS

Posterita also works great as an iPad POS application so you can free your staff from the counter. This allows them to easily engage customers on the floor or bust long check out lines, especially useful during rush hours.
Posterita make a sale screen for general mechandise store

Loss prevention tools

Posterita records every detail of every transaction that happens in any of your stores. Together with our drill-down capabilities, you can investigate activity to the level of location, register, individual and transaction. Using our business intelligence tool and exception based reporting techniques, you can also analyze patterns that may indicate fraud or theft. With Posterita in your retail environment, you’ll reduce your loss.

Perform a variety of POS operations, faster, with less error

Posterita is designed for the way you and your staff works. Everything is done to increase speed of operations and reduce keying errors. Posterita handles all usual POS operations like exchange, refund, void, layaway, assign sales to staff and customers, and more, but faster with less error.

Key features & benefits of Posterita Retail & Merchandise POS

Product Variants: Break into 8 different levels of directory
Inter-store inventory transfers (Request/Send)
Cloud Reporting (20 complex reports we have)
Multiple store & register management
Multiple tax rates
Multiple sales and purchases price list
Real-time notification for sales, refunds, end of day
Employees permission management
Built-in support
Performance analysis at various level of details
Offline capability
Track sales per employee
Employee time card management
Credit card processing – shared or per-shop
Multiple units of measures
coffee shop Testimonial

What I really like about Posterita is how quick I can modify and process my orders. I can even open a second POS on my iPad to keep the line moving faster during rush hours.

San Sin | Owner of Star Cafe

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