New Web-Based POS for retail stores

Posterita Offers many cost-saving advantages

A new Web POS for retail stores, named Posterita POS, offers many advantages to retailers with one store to multiple stores. It’s a Point-of-Sale platform, or POS, with an advanced architecture that the developers refer to as a revolution in retail POS.Since the Posterita cloud POS has many unique advantages, their claim seems to be well-founded.

Many of the advantages derive from the fact that Posterita is a Web POS. They include:

  • Immediate access to a common database for global inventory control, improved customer service and customer sales. This inventory control ensure that no store is ever out of stock on hot-selling items.
  • Efficiences that save money and increase profit margins
  • Offsite access to any store – from anywhere and at anytime.
  • Complete real-time information on all aspects of store operations.
  • Inexpensive interconnection of stores for cost-effective multiple store management.
  • PCI POS-compliant daily backup.
  • Low hardware requirements.
  • Security against hackers, viruses, security breaches and data losses.

Of course, a number of offerings claim to be web-based POS retail operating systems. But Posterita is the real thing, because retailers do not have to installany software. They access the operating system through the Internet.

All of this brings up an obvious question. What does a retailer do if their Internet connection goes down?
Posterita recommends that its users select routers with redundant Internet connections. In case of even more severe disruptions, the company also recommends that retailer continue to have a dial-up service at the ready.