POS Features that Improve Employee Accountability

With on premise POS systems, one of the biggest challenges is tracking employee errors and increasing accountability. Of course, the opposite situation applies as well. How do you track employee actions to know when your employees are doing a great job? If you have a great employee, you have a much better chance of retaining them if they know that you appreciate everything they do for the business.

Time Stamps and Digital Paper Trails Lead to Accountability

Cloud POS systems can eliminate these challenges because store information is stored in one central database, even across multiple store locations. There are three key POS features you should look for that will help you improve employee accountability:

1. Real-time Information Tracking-Ideally, when a transaction is made, the POS should record it so it becomes instantly available in the cloud. This makes it very easy to track problems or errors that occur.

2. Timestamps-Also, the POS should assign a timestamp to each event for easier tracking.

3. Ability to Track Employee Data-Finally the POS should also record employee data such as clock in and clock out so that it is easy to track which employee is responsible for transactions or errors.

An example of the benefits these features provide is the tracking features can make it very simple to determine which employees were responsible for a great day of sales at one of your stores. Also, the data can tell you if a particular employee is getting too many exchanges or returns. In summary, these key features will enable you to better monitor store activity by your employees even when you cannot be present.

By using a cloud POS your real-time store data is accessible anywhere. Because the data is so easily searchable, you can easily search your store information to research the issue. This allows more visibility in your operations and allows you to hold employees accountable for their actions.

Accountability, whether it is to congratulate someone or to let them know that they need to improve, is imperative for any retail establishment. Posterita makes it easy to determine where problems are being created or solved at the touch of a button.
Posterita can help businesses eliminate accountability problems, whether they are related to positive accountability or negative accountability.