POS Help Features Make Your Cashiers More Efficient

A lot of the difficulties that employees have when they are processing sales have to do with the POS system that is used To complicate this even further, POS terminals are oftentimes designed in a way that gives minimal information to the user about which screens they need to perform specific functions. Posterita offers an innovative way to handle this problem and to make life a lot easier for people who process sales.

Direct menu on POS…

Posterita allows people to look up the most common features on POS terminals with a click. It contains a box labeled “Menu”, which allows employees to select the function they need to perform and get guidance from the device. It’s like having a very compact, searchable help file on the device that allows employees to figure out exactly which functionality they need and where to find it without hunting around.

It Eliminates Stalled Transactions

This simple feature can virtually eliminate stalled transactions in a retail establishment. Because it’s so easy to figure out which functionality an employee needs, they don’t need to get on the intercom and page a manager to handle simple problems. In fact, this intuitive and clever device can virtually eliminate the need for employees to contact managers.

Makes Training More Productive

One of the most significant ways the “Menu” feature increases efficiency is by reducing the amount of training time needed by new employees. Rather than having to be trained as to where to find every single feature on a device, the employee really only needs to be trained as to how to use the help feature. This way, if they do forget something they learned in training when they are trying to process the transaction, they can type the function they need into the software and get help.

These features make the most common tasks easier to perform in Posterita. By eliminating much of the potential for employee error, making user information more accessible, and making sure that most functionalities are available on a single screen, Posterita can greatly increase the efficiency of any retail business.