New Web-Based POS for retail stores

Posterita Offers many cost-saving advantages A new Web POS for retail stores, named Posterita POS, offers many advantages to retailers with one store to multiple stores. It’s a Point-of-Sale platform, or POS, with an advanced architecture that the developers refer to as a revolution in retail POS.Since the Posterita cloud POS has many unique advantages, their claim seems to be well-founded. Many of the advantages derive from the fact that Posterita is a Web POS. They include: Immediate access to a common database for global inventory control, improved customer service and customer sales. This inventory control ensure that no store is ever out of stock on hot-selling items. Efficiences that save money and increase profit margins Offsite access to any ... Read More

ASP-Based POS solution is revolutionizing the way POS vendors and resellers do business

Thanks to the ASP-based POS solution that Posterita provides, POS resellers are earning more money with less effort while keeping their customers happier. Posterita offers a rewarding partnership program that allows resellers to perform tasks like remote store setups, deployments, upgrades and support. So Posterita is changing the way POS vendors and resellers do business. These changes bring many benefits to vendors, resellers, and retailers, as well as countless opportunities. Many small and medium retailers are missing out on the great benefits offered by a web-based retail operating systems. Currently, many retailers buy their operating system through local POS vendors or resellers, who choose to implement the system through a cash register or through software for managing individual stores. The ... Read More

How cloud web tools are the future of business

It’s not that often that a major cultural change sweeps the world of business, but the rapid rise of cloud computing is just that type of change. It doesn’t seem long ago that businesses had large amounts of hardware to run their computer operations, with the likes of servers and desktop computers installed and cabled. For many companies, those hardware requisites may remain for some time, but they can be expensive to maintain and replace, let alone upgrading the software required to run the appropriate programs. Many businesses, especially in the hi-tech sector where small startups emerge on a regular basis, are investigating or adopting cloud technology to streamline and run their operations. Working in the cloud The cloud is ... Read More