Bundling Made Easy with Posterita

There are many benefits to bundling products. If you're not already doing so, you should strongly consider bundling. Selling the right products together provides many benefits such as increasing sales margins and sales unit volume, introducing customers to new products, moving less popular items with popular items, and exposing your goods to potential new customers. From the customer side they may get items at a lower price or the novelty of trying new products. Overall bundling creates a win- win scenario for both you and your customers. From an operations perspective however, selling and tracking product bundles in your point of sale (POS) system can be a real drag. If your system isn’t optimized for creating product bundles it could ... Read More

Web Based Point of sale Systems Simplify Multi Store Inventory Management

For retailers with multiple store locations, managing store operations is a complex task. There are different markets to serve, different staff at each location, and different inventory management needs. The most efficient way to manage all your different store needs is to have all your stores’ data available in one view. A point of sale system (POS) that stores all your store data in the cloud rather than at each individual location on a hard drive provides this capability. Storage in the cloud provides two key benefits. First it means all your store data from multiple locations is stored on a centralized data base. By having your data all in one place, you can access the data for analysis, compare ... Read More

Watch your Store’s Sales and Customer Database grow by implementing a customer loyalty program

Retail businesses often give their customers discounts. Discounts can indeed make products more appealing to the customers, but lowering the price too regularly for the mere purpose of promoting specific products does not always effectively advertise that product or your store. It actually reduces your profit margin on items and it doesn't necessarily mean your customers will return to the store for other purchases. There are more effective ways of achieving this. With a customer loyalty program you are using an effective tool to encourage customers to shop with you on a regular basis. You are giving customers an incentive to buy from your store and collect points. This will spice up their purchasing experience and hence turn them into ... Read More

Push slow moving products with the customer loyalty program

Retailers sometimes face the problem of having items in their inventory that move too slowly or simply do not sell. These items end up limiting the space of your inventory and are vulnerable to wear & tear, scratches, breaks and chips. For retailers these items need to move out of the store as quick as possible so that new profitable items can replace them and eliminate the risks of losing stock value through stock depreciation. Preferably retailers hope to get rid of them without having to throw them away or by giving them away through a massive discount, as this will have as effect a drop in cost of sales, assets valuation and in profit. The best solution to get ... Read More

Increase your Customer Retention rate with the Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Retention rate is the rate at which customers returns to your retail business) is an important figure for retailers. For example, a business with a 60% customer retention rate has on average between 3 and 4 times less customers as a business with 80% customer retention rate. Many retailers therefore invest in making sure the customer comes back again next time. Posterita is here to help you to take on the challenge of increasing and maintaining high customer retention rate through the customer loyalty program. A customer loyalty program let you reward the customers who frequently purchase from your store with loyalty points. In doing so you will significantly increase the chances of your customers returning to your store ... Read More