Can your POS Accept Multiple Forms of Payment?

There are basically two things that customers require of the sales staff at any retail establishment. First, they need the staff to be able to check them out when they want to make their purchases. Second, customers will sometimes need the sales staff to give them information about products or to take care of refunds and exchanges. Posterita makes it possible for retail employees to do all these things and increase the level of customer service your patrons enjoy. Refunds and Exchanges In order for a sales staff to be effective, they have to be able to offer customers a way to take care of transactions that aren’t necessarily simple cash purchases. For example, if your sales staff can handle ... Read More

Manage your Payroll through Your POS System

Payroll is one of the most involved endeavors for any large operation. Even for small businesses, it can be complex, difficult, and expensive to manage. Posterita offers a great solution to the problems that go along with payroll and it’s very simple to understand. Integration is Step One Posterita takes care of tracking your employee’s hours. In fact, it goes much further than this. The POS software can track hours and, because it matches sales with the person who made them, it can identify when employees are performing very well or very poorly and give you empirical data to back up both assessments. This, however, isn’t where calculating payroll is simplified. Posterita allows you to set up all the information ... Read More

Planning Inventory around Demand: What You May Be Doing Wrong

For retailers, it can be very difficult to plan around consumer demand. In other instances it is quite easy. People always want more turkeys during Thanksgiving, for instance. Not all consumer demand is so easy to predict, however, and the business needs to be quick on its feet to adapt to changing demands. Building Understanding The first thing that a business needs to be able to do to respond to consumer demand is to understand its own sales patterns. Posterita’s report features allow you to produce sophisticated reports that provide you valuable business intelligence into your customer’s purchasing habits. When you can see that during a given point in the year demand for one of your products tends to go ... Read More

Shift Away From On-Premise Towards Web-Based POS Software Among Retailers

Software Advice, a website that reviews and compares retail software, recently conducted research to analyze what retail buyers are looking for when purchasing a point of sale system. The report analyzes the top reasons for purchasing, the most sought after features, and buyers’ deployment preferences. To gather the research, Software Advice analyzed thousands of its phone consultations with retailers over the past four years. Some key findings from the report include: Retailers Look to Improve Effectiveness. Most buyers were looking to improve their accuracy and effectiveness with a new POS system. The Need for Improvement. Of the buyers consulted, over a third were current point of sale software users looking for new options. Additionally, one-fourth were currently using manual methods ... Read More

The secret of expanding from one store to many

Most retailers say that running a single store is challenging but manageable. With more experience and earnings, retailers often decide to open new stores. However, as they expand, they often complain that their business is now out of control. Yet they were applying the same formula for success. What went wrong? They did not change to a multi-store POS. Let’s look at an example. A successful retailer opens a new store and sets up exactly the same store processes. He now has a chain of 5 stores, right? Wrong! He has 5 single stores, operating separately. He contacts his POS vendor and orders the same POS, makes a copy of the data, and adjusts his inventory for products he has ... Read More