Shift Away From On-Premise Towards Web-Based POS Software Among Retailers

Software Advice, a website that reviews and compares retail software, recently conducted research to analyze what retail buyers are looking for when purchasing a point of sale system. The report analyzes the top reasons for purchasing, the most sought after features, and buyers’ deployment preferences. To gather the research, Software Advice analyzed thousands of its phone consultations with retailers over the past four years. Some key findings from the report include:

Retailers Look to Improve Effectiveness. Most buyers were looking to improve their accuracy and effectiveness with a new POS system.
The Need for Improvement. Of the buyers consulted, over a third were current point of sale software users looking for new options. Additionally, one-fourth were currently using manual methods for sales transaction processing.
A Shift Away from On-Premise Software. The analysis showed that only 10 percent of buyers preferred an on-premise POS system. In 2010, 60 percent of the buyers Software Advice spoke with preferred on-premise systems.

Current POS systems are typically installed on local computers, not hosted cloud-based systems. Every retail terminal has to be set up individually. Managing multiple stores is an enormous problem (data synchronization, security, lags in updates, etc).

Retailers want an affordable system that runs multi-store implementations. They also want POS software that provides a consolidated global view of their operations and inventory so they can make informed decisions.

Resellers of POS systems suffer from complicated installation, configuration and maintenance of computer-based systems. They want a simple solution that provides security, back ups, and easy upgrades and patches. And naturally, higher margins.

Despite some compelling offerings such as location based marketing solutions, application providers are finding it difficult to convert brick and mortar stores on their technologies. The main reason is the frequent, costly and tedious processes required by retailers to update the application provider’s databases.

Posterita’s cloud-based POS platform addresses the needs of retailers, resellers, and third-party application providers. The web-based platform allows single-store or multi-store retailers to monitor and manage their entire business, including cash registers, payroll, and inventory from any browser.

Resellers benefit from the simplicity of a hosted solution, too. Because of easier setup, remote maintenance, and automatic system-wide backups, resellers can focus on selling professional services instead of software.

Posterita’s ERP driven architecture allows easy connections for application provider services to store and synchronize data between POS and third party applications.