Start selling new products with a simple barcode scan.

With your sales business, you often want to offer new products to your customer. This means that you have to subdue to the process of persuading your POS software to recognize and work with new information regarding the products. This is most commonly performed by manually inputting or searching for information regarding the name, price and description of a product. This process is time consuming and can cost you many hours, lots of energy, and most of the enthusiasm for the new product you´re actually introducing. Your system is also vulnerable to wrongly entered information. Something you as a busy retailer just cannot afford. However with the web based POS that Posterita offers you have the solution.

When you are using a web based POS you have the capability to automatically load information into your system. Posterita software can connect your POS to one of the biggest existing database of barcodes in the world. This database, the ShopSavvy Database, consists of more than 5 million barcodes. This useful feature works very conveniently and you will get used to it quickly. All you have to do is scan the barcode of your new product and confirm it once the system finds it in the external database and you are ready to go. You will get ratings, price comparison, reviews, descriptions and some other helpful information for each product you scan. Your point of sale will be able to sell every product from this huge database and make it much easier for you to keep offering brand new products to your customers.

This feature is extremely useful if you’re setting up a new store or POS. You don’t have to manually set all the information for every new product, you can scan the items and get useful information back to determine the price that works best for your retail. You will save a lot of time and you are able to start selling immediately. There are some exclusions to the rule, such as items that have your own barcode or special items, where you still have to manually set all the information. Besides these rare cases this feature gives you the capability to offer new products to your customers in an efficient and profitable manner. With this barcode database you are always just a few clicks away from all the product information you need.