Stop nourishing thieves, Inventory control is now easier than ever before!

According to the latest Global Retail Theft Barometer study, the global retail industry lost more than $128 billion last year due to the inventory theft, frauds and errors.  On average, this means a loss of 1.29% of total retail sales. Another considerable sum of money is every year spent to prevent this, and may not always be effective. Installing cameras or detectors inside the store is not cheap and hardly ever solves the problem entirely. That is because when it comes to inventory theft, according to the study, employees easily top shoplifters. So what can retailer do to prevent employee theft and stop losing his money? The only reliable method is constant inventory monitoring. However, this is much easier said ... Read More

Choose a Cloud POS and Eliminate Data Aggregation issues

Redundancy Redundancy in a POS database is one of the greatest threats to information analysis. It generally arises when many different people in different locations are responsible for entering data into a system. These issues are the major reason retailers should seriously consider switching to a cloud based POS. With a cloud-based retail POS, all information across stores is accessible via the internet in real time. Also, you never have to worry about data being outdated, because cloud systems are constantly and easily updated. Delays Real-time updating means that whatever information is entered in the system automatically updates the system. For example, you don’t have to worry about one store being a straggler in getting sales data to you. When ... Read More