POS Features that Improve Employee Accountability

With on premise POS systems, one of the biggest challenges is tracking employee errors and increasing accountability. Of course, the opposite situation applies as well. How do you track employee actions to know when your employees are doing a great job? If you have a great employee, you have a much better chance of retaining them if they know that you appreciate everything they do for the business. Time Stamps and Digital Paper Trails Lead to Accountability Cloud POS systems can eliminate these challenges because store information is stored in one central database, even across multiple store locations. There are three key POS features you should look for that will help you improve employee accountability: 1. Real-time Information Tracking-Ideally, when ... Read More

The Importance of Barcode Management for Inventory Management

Barcodes are integral to managing any retail operation. It is important that your POS has powerful barcode management and generation capabilities built into it. By using barcode technology, your inventory management and tracking will be much more accurate. Posterita solves a lot of problems that stores face with working with barcodes. It’s only one of the features that make Posterita stand out among other cloud POS systems. Barcodes are part of just about every retail operation out there. With Posterita, you cannot only use them more efficiently, you can use them more creatively. Below are some examples of how barcode technology can be used in Posterita POS: Set barcodes Items that come into your store with barcodes already on them ... Read More

A Cloud POS Will Improve your Inventory Management

At any busy retail establishment, it’s inevitable that there are going to be days when customers don’t get through lines as quickly as they would like. Posterita offers a solution to this by providing sales staff with vital information at the touch of a finger. The Posterita POS terminal has a cash sales screen that makes it easy for employees to look up information for customers, to perform complex sales related operations and much more. Information is King Posterita uses a detailed item card for all of the items in its database. This item card gives more than the price. It provides information on inventory, location, and a picture of the item. This allows people to get information for customers ... Read More

Choose a Cloud POS and Eliminate Data Aggregation issues

Redundancy Redundancy in a POS database is one of the greatest threats to information analysis. It generally arises when many different people in different locations are responsible for entering data into a system. These issues are the major reason retailers should seriously consider switching to a cloud based POS. With a cloud-based retail POS, all information across stores is accessible via the internet in real time. Also, you never have to worry about data being outdated, because cloud systems are constantly and easily updated. Delays Real-time updating means that whatever information is entered in the system automatically updates the system. For example, you don’t have to worry about one store being a straggler in getting sales data to you. When ... Read More