Give your customers the gift of Gift Receipts

Gift receipts can be an interesting product for your customers. Many customers buy a product from your POS to gift it to someone else. But what if the receiver needs to return or trade this product? They would need to have the receipt as well. However this is something that the customer who is offering the gift might not want to hand out, as it shows the price, method of payment and circumstance of the purchase. With gift receipts you offer your customers an easy solution. Gift receipts are just like regular receipts, they are a proof of purchase that allows the owner to trade or return a product if it is not the desired item. Gift receipts have the ... Read More

Inventory Count with Inventory Adjustment

For many retailers, inventory control is the biggest challenge for running a successful retail operation. Unless you are a very small retailer with a narrow product mix, keeping your inventory counts up to date can pose a huge challenge. If you don’t keep your popular items in stock for customers, you risk lowering customer loyalty. If you have too much inventory just sitting on your sales floor, you encounter cost to serve. For many retailers regular inventory counts mean taking time away from your main focus of driving sales but it is one of the most important tasks that should be done regularly. Good inventory management practices can influence many things. In fact, strong inventory can help control theft because ... Read More

Don’t ever sell to under age customers

Certain businesses within the retail industry must be very careful about who they sell their products to. Retailers that own liquor stores or sell tobacco products must be sure to always do age verification to be sure the customer is of age. And now with the evolution of vapor products, vape smoke shop retailers must also be careful who they sell to. In some states in the United States, retailers must also ID for marijuana sales. This is a bit more difficult to accomplish for online, or “e-smoke shops” as it is easier for minors to bypass online age verification. Retailers in these heavily regulated industries must pay close attention customer verification, however, because if they are caught selling to ... Read More

Customer Knowledge Gap Issues Plague Retail

Reaching out to customers with targeted advertisements can be beneficial, but can present logistical issues. Integrating existing loyalty programs with targeted advertising provides an intuitive and worthwhile solution, provided you have the right technology. Among the most powerful features of Posterita is the ability to gather information on customers. Retailers can use this data for loyalty programs and customer purchase data to create a profile of a customer that can be very useful for marketing. When retailers are trying to reach out to customers, one of the biggest challenges they face is figuring out how to get customers to pay attention to advertisements. Many consumers tune out ads. However, some customers will provide contact information to businesses when they want ... Read More