Offer your loyal customers flexible payment terms.

It is common knowledge that offering your customers different methods of payment for their purchases is good trading practice. As retail has evolved over the years many new payment methods have arrived and customers look for flexibility in the way they shop. Retailers have to offer flexible, fair and innovative payment methods to their customers to match their expectations. By offering the right payment methods to customers, stores can remain competitive and attract new customers. Common traditional payment methods a store uses are credit cards, cash, gift cards and so on. There is another payment method that is widely used and very appealing to customers – the Sale on credit, or the layaway. With credit allowance, your customers can pay ... Read More

Watch your Store’s Sales and Customer Database grow by implementing a customer loyalty program

Retail businesses often give their customers discounts. Discounts can indeed make products more appealing to the customers, but lowering the price too regularly for the mere purpose of promoting specific products does not always effectively advertise that product or your store. It actually reduces your profit margin on items and it doesn't necessarily mean your customers will return to the store for other purchases. There are more effective ways of achieving this. With a customer loyalty program you are using an effective tool to encourage customers to shop with you on a regular basis. You are giving customers an incentive to buy from your store and collect points. This will spice up their purchasing experience and hence turn them into ... Read More

Increase your Customer Retention rate with the Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Retention rate is the rate at which customers returns to your retail business) is an important figure for retailers. For example, a business with a 60% customer retention rate has on average between 3 and 4 times less customers as a business with 80% customer retention rate. Many retailers therefore invest in making sure the customer comes back again next time. Posterita is here to help you to take on the challenge of increasing and maintaining high customer retention rate through the customer loyalty program. A customer loyalty program let you reward the customers who frequently purchase from your store with loyalty points. In doing so you will significantly increase the chances of your customers returning to your store ... Read More

Give your customers the gift of Gift Receipts

Gift receipts can be an interesting product for your customers. Many customers buy a product from your POS to gift it to someone else. But what if the receiver needs to return or trade this product? They would need to have the receipt as well. However this is something that the customer who is offering the gift might not want to hand out, as it shows the price, method of payment and circumstance of the purchase. With gift receipts you offer your customers an easy solution. Gift receipts are just like regular receipts, they are a proof of purchase that allows the owner to trade or return a product if it is not the desired item. Gift receipts have the ... Read More

Cut business costs, be ecologic and engage with your customers

Retailers are always looking out for the best tricks and methods to make their business more efficient and customer friendly. By taking advantage of the digital receipts feature in your POS you can make your business more efficient by automatically sending the receipt to the customers email. This will make the process of billing less time and money consuming. Digital receipt is amongst those POS features that can be advantageous on several different aspects. All you need is to capture your customers email address and you can send the sales receipt automatically to their inbox, without the need of paper. Additionally, when you have your customers email you are able to interact with your customer on any moment such as ... Read More