Offer your loyal customers flexible payment terms.

It is common knowledge that offering your customers different methods of payment for their purchases is good trading practice. As retail has evolved over the years many new payment methods have arrived and customers look for flexibility in the way they shop. Retailers have to offer flexible, fair and innovative payment methods to their customers to match their expectations. By offering the right payment methods to customers, stores can remain competitive and attract new customers. Common traditional payment methods a store uses are credit cards, cash, gift cards and so on. There is another payment method that is widely used and very appealing to customers – the Sale on credit, or the layaway. With credit allowance, your customers can pay ... Read More

Push slow moving products with the customer loyalty program

Retailers sometimes face the problem of having items in their inventory that move too slowly or simply do not sell. These items end up limiting the space of your inventory and are vulnerable to wear & tear, scratches, breaks and chips. For retailers these items need to move out of the store as quick as possible so that new profitable items can replace them and eliminate the risks of losing stock value through stock depreciation. Preferably retailers hope to get rid of them without having to throw them away or by giving them away through a massive discount, as this will have as effect a drop in cost of sales, assets valuation and in profit. The best solution to get ... Read More

Customer Knowledge Gap Issues Plague Retail

Reaching out to customers with targeted advertisements can be beneficial, but can present logistical issues. Integrating existing loyalty programs with targeted advertising provides an intuitive and worthwhile solution, provided you have the right technology. Among the most powerful features of Posterita is the ability to gather information on customers. Retailers can use this data for loyalty programs and customer purchase data to create a profile of a customer that can be very useful for marketing. When retailers are trying to reach out to customers, one of the biggest challenges they face is figuring out how to get customers to pay attention to advertisements. Many consumers tune out ads. However, some customers will provide contact information to businesses when they want ... Read More