Watch your Store’s Sales and Customer Database grow by implementing a customer loyalty program

Retail businesses often give their customers discounts. Discounts can indeed make products more appealing to the customers, but lowering the price too regularly for the mere purpose of promoting specific products does not always effectively advertise that product or your store. It actually reduces your profit margin on items and it doesn't necessarily mean your customers will return to the store for other purchases. There are more effective ways of achieving this. With a customer loyalty program you are using an effective tool to encourage customers to shop with you on a regular basis. You are giving customers an incentive to buy from your store and collect points. This will spice up their purchasing experience and hence turn them into ... Read More

Keep your discount policy clear and enforceable

Make your discount secure, fast and flexible Discounts are quite often a misused competence of retail employees. To address this issue, you would probably have to keep an eye on your employees around the clock. But employee discount abuse can be also easily prevented if you work with the modern cloud based point of sale system (ePOS). This feature allows your sales representative to accurately and quickly apply discounts within its competence without having the possibility of getting out of it. POS software now makes it easy for you to create a clear and enforceable discount policy that won’t let your employees to perform a single discount that doesn’t meet with your criteria. How does it work? All you have ... Read More

Enforce your discount policies

Finding a perfect balance for your business and management can be tough. Discount policy provides a perfect example. You want to ensure that your customers are happy with the smoothness and pace at which the point of sale in your store operates. You can ask your sales representative to discuss every single discount directly with you or your sales manager but you also want to ensure a quick and neat experience to your customer. To avoid that kind of complications you need a web based POS to handle the decisions about discounts automatically, without your personal involvement. One that is fast, reliable and simple. It's a choice between making clients wait 15 minutes to be served with a discount, or ... Read More