Web Based Point of sale Systems Simplify Multi Store Inventory Management

For retailers with multiple store locations, managing store operations is a complex task. There are different markets to serve, different staff at each location, and different inventory management needs. The most efficient way to manage all your different store needs is to have all your stores’ data available in one view. A point of sale system (POS) that stores all your store data in the cloud rather than at each individual location on a hard drive provides this capability. Storage in the cloud provides two key benefits. First it means all your store data from multiple locations is stored on a centralized data base. By having your data all in one place, you can access the data for analysis, compare ... Read More

Manage different prices across multiple stores

As a retailer you might have multiple stores spread out on various locations. All these different locations have the need for price adjustments. But locations can vary between prices and you as a retailer need to take into account where your store is located. An example, your store in Alabama might have a different pricing level than your stores in New York City. Similarly, prices at your stores in the shopping centers may have different prices than those that are located in downtown. Going to every store one by one to adjust or enter new prices can be a time consuming task to perform. Optimally, if you're running multiple stores and you want to change price lists in all these ... Read More

Be on top of what is going on in your store.

pos employee-dashboard-in-ipad
Entrepreneurs commonly spend much more time at work than their employees. In fact, a recent study by the UK´s Penelope indicates entrepreneurs work on average as much as 63 percent longer. This especially applies to the store owners, who are often in need to be as close to their store as possible to make sure everything runs smoothly. However it is not always possible to be around, and if you own several stores you cannot physically keep track of all of them at all times. To have perfect knowledge of what´s happening in your store, you must invest a lot of energy and time. Now if you don´t have only one store, but a large multi stores network, this mission ... Read More