The Importance of Assigning User Roles in your POS

Older retail POS systems make it challenging to control what access employees have to store data or what functions they can and cannot perform. For example, conducting certain transactions on a cash register used to require a manager key. Of course, that’s a rather blocky way to manage employee permissions. When choosing a new POS system it is important that you have the ability to assign user roles to your employees. User roles will determine what features and data employees can change and access.

Check the Box for Tasks Assigned

Posterita offers you the ability to automatically set permissions for employees on a very detailed level. When you set up different types of users on the Posterita system, you have the option of giving them certain types of authority by checking boxes. For instance, you can allow somebody who works in sales to void a transaction but still prevent them from offering a refund or an exchange. You can allow them to clock in and clock out, but not to clock in or clock out on anyone else’s behalf.

This is all done from a very simple interface. You can create a group of users to which you can assign individual users. When you hire a new employee, they can simply be added to the appropriate group and instantly given the appropriate amount of authority over the system. This has very significant implications for security.

Understanding Electronic Security

If you look at just about any instance where an electronic device has been compromised, it will usually have to do with somebody getting the authority to do something on that device that they should never have. For instance, a hacker may get your password for your e-mail, allowing them to access your e-mail account. This, in the simplest possible terms, is really an issue having to do with permissions.

Being able to set up permissions ahead of time and with a great deal of precision can eliminate some of the most significant threats to your business’s security imaginable. If all your cashiers are prevented from giving a refund, for instance, you never have to worry about that happening if they are working on the Posterita system. Conversely, you don’t have to worry about employees getting confused and wondering whether they need a manager to perform a certain function. If they cannot, it will not be available to them. If they can, they’ll be able to access the appropriate screen and take the appropriate action.