The Importance of Barcode Management for Inventory Management

Barcodes are integral to managing any retail operation. It is important that your POS has powerful barcode management and generation capabilities built into it. By using barcode technology, your inventory management and tracking will be much more accurate.

Posterita solves a lot of problems that stores face with working with barcodes. It’s only one of the features that make Posterita stand out among other cloud POS systems. Barcodes are part of just about every retail operation out there. With Posterita, you cannot only use them more efficiently, you can use them more creatively.
Below are some examples of how barcode technology can be used in Posterita POS:

Set barcodes

Items that come into your store with barcodes already on them are very easy to handle. You can simply use a handheld barcode reader to decode the information and to automatically input the information into Posterita. If it is incomplete, you can input the rest of it manually.

Generate Barcodes

You will, of course, get some items in your store that do not have barcodes on them when they arrive. Posterita can handle this, as well. It will ask you to put the information for the product into the system and, after you do so, it will print barcode labels for you so that you can affix them to the items in question. This can drastically speed up inventory control procedures and ensures that items can be tracked effectively throughout your store.

Print Barcodes

Printing barcodes from Posterita is very easy as it can hook up to a barcode printer and generate labels. The system uses labels produced by the most well known companies out there, so there won’t be any formatting issues to deal with.

Beyond Solving the Problems

The way in which Posterita allows you to simplify working with barcodes, allows you to utilize them in very creative ways. Because barcodes are easy to generate, you can make barcodes and affix them to items when you perform stock transfers. You can also print them on any orders that you make, which makes it a lot easier for people working with them in the future to get all of the information they need entered into the system.