Tracking Commission was Difficult…Until Now

Handling commissions is one of the most tedious things that retailers have to do. You may have different structures for different employees or the commission rate may change at certain times of the year. For instance, if you’re trying to unload big-screen TVs during a certain time of year, you may bump up the commission on those items to encourage your staff to move them. Today’s technology makes handling these complexities much easier.

Manage any Type of Commission

You can calculate commissions any way you want with Posterita. The system allows you to work with flat, variable and fixed commissions. It also allows you to work with commissions that do or do not include tax.

Some of the ways that variable commissions are structured are very complex. For instance, some employees may get higher commissions if they work more hours. Other employees may get a higher commission rate if they reach a certain sales threshold. Posterita makes it easy to set this up and to make sure that everything is handled correctly.

If you have a lot of employees, managing variable commissions can be very difficult. It can sometimes lead to situations where the employee doesn’t get all of the money they earned or they get more than they actually earned. Posterita automates all of this, eliminating errors. When you need to change something, you simply change the variables that apply to that employee’s profile and their commissions will be calculated correctly. This is a great way to ensure the integrity of your commission structure and to make sure employees know that they’re getting paid fairly for all of their hard work.


Posterita has powerful reporting tools built into it. These tools allow you to see graphical representations of employee performance. Because of this, you can be sure that you’ll be able to change commission structure when it becomes appropriate.

Posterita can make sure you stay on good terms with commissioned employees because of this. It also has excellent security built into it, which prevents employees from being able to exploit the system to get a higher commission than they should. The commission structure is very precise, particularly when taking into account returns and exchanges, which makes every aspect of it clear to the people involved. The precision and transparency of the system make it easy for managers and sales staff to track commission earnings.