Tracking Employee Actions and Attendance can Increase Store Productivity

For businesses, it can sometimes be very difficult to track employee attendance. Employee management is one of the most significant parts of making sure your business is successful. After all, you want to make certain that you reward employees who are good for your business very well and work to help unproductive employees be more productive.

A full retail management POS system can help you track employee time and productivity. By having access to this data, you can easily see who your strong employees are and help employees that have room for improvement. A few key features that will help are:

  • Employee profiles

The ability to create individual employee profiles for everybody who works at your store enables employees to only clock in and out in the system themselves. This POS features helps to track their hours. Also, this eliminates problems that used to exist when employees would clock in for one another if one of them was going to be late.

  • Ability to track and store all store data

It’s good to be able to tell when you’re employees were at their posts, but you want to take it a bit farther than this. The time clock can tell you whether or not an employee was there. What it cannot tell you is what they actually did. Your POS should keep data on sales, employee hours, inventory and just about everything else in one central database. This means that you can directly tie your sales to a particular employee. This can solve problems and enhance strengths. Employees who show up day after day and don’t make any sales may be employees you want to let go. If you have an employee who manages to sell a big-ticket item every time they clock in, you most certainly want to know that so you can let the employee know that you appreciate them.

By making it easy for you to see how your employees are doing and for your employees to handle working with customers, the overall productivity of your store can be increased tremendously. Not only will you know whether people showed up for work, you’ll know whether or not they phoned it in.

Posterita POS is a full retail management system that allows you to track this information. It also provides your employees with easy ways to accomplish routine tasks – such as balancing their tills and so forth – and to concentrate on improving their performance in customer service.