Tracking Products- A Major Issue for Retailers

Tracking inventory numbers is one of the biggest challenges for retailers. Stores hold a wide variety of products and it can be challenging to keep track of how much of every single item you have on the shelf. A cloud based POS helps eliminate these problems in three ways:

Solution 1: Centralize

Everything you sell with a cloud based POS is stored in a central database. No matter how many locations you have, all of the sales end up in the same place in the same format. This allows you to get everything organized into one location, which is the very first step in eliminating problems with tracking how products are selling.

Solution 2: Comprehensive Data

The data that your cloud POS collects will tell you when an item sold, who sold it, how many units are still available and more. This gives you a complete picture. If you notice that one location is selling a lot of a particular item and another location is selling none of those items, that can give you clues as to what you may need to do to improve the situation. Perhaps you need to stock the items on a different shelf or perhaps you need to drop the items from one of the locations altogether.

Solution 3: Returns

A cloud POS should also track your returns and refunds for you. This way, you can determine whether or not a product has a high return rate from customers. This could give you valuable insight. If a product isn’t selling very well and is getting returned when it does sell, that may be a sign that it is of a low quality and that you don’t want it in your store.

Having access to all your store data is useful in helping you improve your sales and inventory management. Having access to data from multiple locations in one database and having the ability to sort through that database based on many different criteria are very important.

Posterita is a powerful cloud POS system that can give you great intelligence about how your products are selling and whether or not they’re worth keeping on the shelves. If you have several different stores, it can be enormously difficult to get useful data from all of those different locations, consolidate it, and come up with a complete picture of how one given product is doing. Posterita eliminates this retail challenge.