Use your POS to spot your star employees

One of the things that will drive even the best employees away is not being recognized for what they do. Where sales staff is concerned, the measure of their abilities is often times something that can be quantified in numbers: their sales. Posterita allows you to get real-time data on sales, which can help you recognize somebody who’s doing their job above and beyond what is expected of them.

How it Works

Posterita collects data in real time. Whenever somebody makes a sale, it is attributable to that person in the system and it is time stamped. If you notice while going through your sales that one employee seems to be doing a remarkably good job, it’s easy to back that up with data. This can make it easier to acknowledge what the employee has actually done.

This is very important from a human resources perspective. When employees get feedback that they are valued members of the team or that you appreciate all of their hard work, they’re smart enough to realize that you’re just saying things that amount to generic platitudes. When you can tell them that, on a particular day and in a particular way they did an excellent job, it goes a long way.


Sometimes, because you can analyze this data so usefully, you’ll notice that an employee needs to promoted and granted higher system access, simply because they are proving themselves to be very useful. You can do this without having to go to the store where they work, talk to the IT people, have their permissions reset and so forth. In fact, Posterita allows you to do it right from the desk you’re sitting at right now, if need be.

Posterita has sophisticated technology that allows you to assign authority to people by adding them to different groups. You can also do it individually. If an employee has proven themselves to be trustworthy and you need them to take on more responsibility, for example, you could give them the authority to void transactions and to issue refunds without having to go to an individual POS terminal and do it there. You just do it from the central location or from anywhere else you happen to be at the time.

Many technological advantages are expressed in terms of how much more money they can make for a company. Few things will make more money for your company than recognizing and promoting those employees who deserve it, and Posterita can help with the logistics involved.