Watch your Store’s Sales and Customer Database grow by implementing a customer loyalty program

Retail businesses often give their customers discounts. Discounts can indeed make products more appealing to the customers, but lowering the price too regularly for the mere purpose of promoting specific products does not always effectively advertise that product or your store. It actually reduces your profit margin on items and it doesn’t necessarily mean your customers will return to the store for other purchases. There are more effective ways of achieving this.

With a customer loyalty program you are using an effective tool to encourage customers to shop with you on a regular basis. You are giving customers an incentive to buy from your store and collect points. This will spice up their purchasing experience and hence turn them into Loyal Customers. With these points they can redeem rewards such as a discount or another item. The customer loyalty program will increase the amount of returning customers, help with acquiring new customers, build a better customer relationship and help with advertising your brand.

With the web based point of sale customer loyalty program from Posterita you can decide how many points you want to attribute to an item or to the amount spend. You decide the eligibility of your customers and after every purchase they can redeem their customer loyalty points at any of your designated stores. On top of this Posterita’s point of sale software also offers you the possibility to have your customers enter their personal details online. You can choose to give them a bonus for this as an incentive as well and an email will be sent to each when they register to your loyalty program. Not only can you increase awareness and interest of your store, you are also able to register your customers together with their email for further advertisement or personal offers. This makes your retail more interesting and personal for your customer, stimulating your customers even more to continue purchasing at your store.