Web Based Point of sale Systems Simplify Multi Store Inventory Management

For retailers with multiple store locations, managing store operations is a complex task. There are different markets to serve, different staff at each location, and different inventory management needs. The most efficient way to manage all your different store needs is to have all your stores’ data available in one view. A point of sale system (POS) that stores all your store data in the cloud rather than at each individual location on a hard drive provides this capability.

Storage in the cloud provides two key benefits. First it means all your store data from multiple locations is stored on a centralized data base. By having your data all in one place, you can access the data for analysis, compare one store’s data to another, and “communicate” between stores. For example, you can make inventory transfer requests from one store to another. Second, you access the cloud via web browser. Having a web based POS system means you can access all your store information anywhere, anytime.

Posterita, a web based POS system, is an ideal cloud-based POS for multi-store retail management because it offers several robust retail management capabilities for both front end retail operations such as transactions, time clock management, and inventory requests between stores, as well as “back office” management such as customer management, item management, employees permissions, warehouse inventory management, and inventory management across different locations.

Because inventory management is the biggest challenge for retailers, let’s look at an example of how Posterita’s web based inventory management works for both front end retail workers and office management. If a customer is looking for an item that is out of stock at one location, a sales rep can easily look up what other locations have that item and can either do an inventory transfer request to the other store for the item, or can refer the customer to the location. Better still, store management can easily pull up inventory levels to see which items are low on inventory before the store runs out and can either place an order or request an inventory transfer from the retail warehouse or another store location. With each store’s information stored in a centralized data base, Posterita can display the information you need to accurately manage your inventory across multiple store locations. Better inventory management means lower operating costs and happier customers and employees.